Ideal Skatestore
November 16, 2011

So for the first of our interviews with UK SOS stores we bring the irrefutable Ideal skatestore in Birmingham

1. When did you open the store? 

We opened the store at the Birmingham Wheels Project in April 1991 with a loan from the Princes Trust and the good faith of Shiner Distribution.

2. Where are you located?

Ideal is currently located at the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham.

3. Do you have a shop team/ who are they?

We have a bunch of local rippers that we help out, namely Jake Smith, Jamie Hewett, Dave Pegg and Kris Vile.

4. What’s the birmingham scene like?

Considering the city has comprehensively anti skated all the spots the ‘scene’ is good. Locals have to be a little more resourceful, and there are always large demolition slabs popping up that can accommodate sessions/obstacles…

5. What brands do you carry?

All the good ones.

6. Most memorable shop story?

There are a few stories to tell . My personal favourite is the Wu Tang Clan playing a venue opposite our store 3 weeks before 36 Chambers was released in the UK and a few members dropping into the store for a look around. Top one from the last few years is Bob directing the Fourstar team to Ideal after the Stoke plaza demo was rained off…..To have Mark Gonzales and Mike Carroll skate the ramp without being under demo conditions was pretty special.

7. Do you have any parks nearby?

The city has never made any real progress toward getting a skatepark despite more than 6 years of meetings,site visits and £100,000 being allotted for the first phase. There are a bunch of parks out in the ‘burbs though which propagate some incredible talent.

8. Who is the skater who people should keep an eye out for?

There are a quite a few, though Luke McManus is getting his travel on….that always helps. Get on the road…

9. The riot’s obviously had a huge impact on your store, how are things progressing after this?

We picked up the pieces real quick and were open for business within three days. Had loads of support from friends and family in skateboarding which was incredible. We hope to be in a new and improved store by the end of October.

10. Do you have any plans for the near future?

The plan is the same as always. Support skateboarders and skateboarding.

Check out Ideal over here