Ernie Torres – ‘Ten Questions’
November 29, 2011

Fresh from his section from the Real video (Since Day One), we hit Ernie up with a quick Ten questions!

Top memory from a Real trip?

The loose trucks & loose women trip was my top memory cause it was my first US trip!

Best place you’ve got to visit on a trip?

Probably France or Italy

How do you feel about contests like Street League?

I think it’s cool!

Favorite ex Real pro and why?

Jamie Thomas! He was only on for a quick second and I don’t know If he was pro then,but I wonder how things would’ve turned out if he were to stick around until I was on the team.

Since Roll Forever and Since Day One, there’s been quite a large change in the team, who impresses you most out of the new guys?

All the new guys are a breed of kill anything in sight! It’s rad to see the new guys “go to” warm up tricks. I can’t pick one,so I’m gonna say all the ams.


Why do you think Real has been able to stay so popular as a brand yet
 keep its credibility?

Cause although we have a big team,everyone on is fuckin rad in their own way,but we all get along so good? Its impossible to get on our squad if you are a kook. Like most teams Real will give anyone really a chance to go on a couple trips just to feel things out,but you have to kill it on and off the board to keep kicking it.

Your Favourite REAL Board graphic?

My Tapatio graphic!

Best Mic E Reyes story?

Mic E hates me.

Plans for the future?

To go to the point of no return,then return.

Watch out for more Ernie footage coming soon from Real. Until then check these out!